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SL Freelancers Network is a new social network to connect artists and clients.

The concept : Make it easier for both clients and freelancers in SL to do business !

Explore the profile of freelancers available in Second Life, browse their galleries and find the perfect match to help you with any technical, creative or business projects you have. It works just like a normal social network, create a free account, customize your profile, select if you are a freelancer or a client, and start networking. You can also use our site without an account just to browse the freelancer profiles.

If you are a business looking for a new logo, or just someone looking for a new profile picture, sign up and request an appointment with your best match. No longer you'll have to spend hours tracking down photographers only to hear they aren't accepting clients anymore, and if it happen here, just move on to another freelancer !

We are currently welcoming members !

Currently in public beta, we would love to hear your feedbacks and suggestions to improve the service.

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