Knowledge sharing / Tutorials / Tips and hints ?

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Knowledge sharing / Tutorials / Tips and hints ?

from YannickSands on 06/23/2015 03:40 PM

Hi everyone !

I have opened a new forum called "Business discussion". It's here to network between freelancer, speak about ideas of business and ongoing project. It's of course open to any member interested in this topic.

In addition to this, I wonder if you guys would be interested by some sort of "knowledge" hub were we can share tips and hints about photography (I know several blogs already offer tutorials and tips, we could list them into a main knowledge center), or more business orientated topic such as tips to compose visually working ads or a logo that works. This way we could have one main place to see available tutorials out there and eventually start making our own ?
Also anything related to mesh building is welcomed even though such sources already exist around there.

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Re: Knowledge sharing / Tutorials / Tips and hints ?

from Erikoleo on 07/10/2015 02:05 PM

   I definitely agree with this point. eventhough some nice tutorials exist elsewhere, also on SL wiki, newbies loike me have sometimes difficulties to find their way through the jungle: which one to choose to start? more some nice but old blogs or sites may disappear when their maintainers find other things of interest in their real life, it recently happened to me.
  As main topics, SL photography, image  post-processing  and design are of course a requirement.

  • SL photography, because there are a lot of parameters, that have or have not effects, because little features can make a big improvement in pictures and because, nothing can be done when the first shot is crap.
  • Post processing because there are many tools, and because it is a long time to get familiar with the two main ones; probably a "which software do you use" (Tools) would be nice. For example, "Graphic Connverter" is, on mac a very nice shareware utility, which has no equivalent elsewhere and save a lot of time, both in image sorting and batch treatment of repetitive tasks...  Some photoshop/GIMP effects may be not so obvious to understand too
  • Design: I said design because I think that prims, sculpties and meshes have all their + and - ;  and I suppose that a good designer should not  a priori exclude one or another without balancing the choices. Now, mesh and physics,  land impact optimization, is of course the biggest topic in my noob opinon


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