Changing name / SL licensing

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Changing name / SL licensing

from YannickSands on 07/15/2015 12:26 PM

Hi everyone,

I've been warned to double check the Second Life guidelines to use the term SL™ to be sure the name "slfreelancers" would be ok.

As a result, I noticed certains infringement and I'm working on correcting them. Please find below the changes that are going to be implemented as soon as possible :

- From now own the site name will be SL Freelancer Network
Logo will be redesign to make "SL" mention the same color as the rest of the words.
- I am going to try to change the site url to to comply with point 3 about domain guidelines Unfortunatly I cannot change our url for the moment, but since the url include "yooco" I think it should comply with the domain url requirement.
- Notice and disclamer will be added to the home page and "about us" page to comply with point 9.

I want to take advantage of this occasion to remind everyone that you are currently trying a beta version, chances are that this site will end up being privatly hosted somewhere else in order to have more freedom in the options provided to our users.
If such an occasion happens, it could be as well time for a name-change.

If you have any idea for a new name, please feel free to submit some !
Also, if you are interested in the matter, you can double check the  SL Guidelines and let me know if you think I'm doing something wrong !

"  Est semper feles alia "

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